Classic Photos From The Duck Crew

Just because Duck Dynasty is no longer on the air, that doesn’t mean you can’t get you fix at the official Duck Commander Instagram page. One reason to follow the site? You can find awesome pictures from the crew, back in the day.

Awesome Merchandise From The Shop

Duck Commander | Photo Credit InstagramDuck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

In addition to seeing photos from Phil and the gang, the Instagram page also reveals exclusive items from the Duck Commander shop. In addition to the duck calls, there are awesome brand hats and other awesome items you can pick up.

Some of these hats are as low as $3 bucks!

Check In On The Hunting Family

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

The family that hunts together, eats well together. In this exclusive photo, the Duck Dynasty crew stand together to remind their followers to wish dad a happy Father’s Day! “Take a moment to thank your old man,” reads the caption.

Get Inspired To Get Out In The Water

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

Whether you’re more into fishing or hunting, the Duck Commander Instagram page will inspire you to get out there and get to it. In this photo, the site writes, “The weekend has already begun…” Gran your YETI, a pole, and get on the water.

Have Some Fun!

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

Above all else, the crew behind Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander are professionals at having fun. Not only do they work hard, but they also play hard as you can see from this photo on top of an ATV.

Phil, Willie, Si and the gang are all about working hard and playing hard. When your play is work and work is play, there’s really no wrong way to live. Whether they’re arm wrestling, fishing, hunting, or working the business, they know how to live.

Who do you think will win in this arm wrestling match?

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