JUST IN: Trump Steps Forward With Unexpected Announcement… Obama DESTROYED


Trump Calls To Congress For Investigation Of Obama For Abuse of Power

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President Trump made quite a splash recently, asserting that Obama wiretapped his phones and email server during the election. Obama denied Trump’s claims of course and social and mainstream media lit up with a firestorm of comments about why Trump was wrong.

Comments ranged from “Obama has no power to wiretap American citizens,” made by Ben Rhodes to news outlets suggesting there was “no evidence” to substantiate his claims. But a recent interview on Fox News told a different story– one which makes perfect sense.

Obama certainly didn’t have to order the “invasion of privacy” directly, not when he had his good buddy Loretta Lynch running the corrupt DOJ. But there is absolutely no way on earth he didn’t know what was going on–and Trump knows it.

But, let’s pretend for a minute that Obama didn’t know. That would mean that the DOJ was operating without the consent and knowledge of the president. A highly unlikely scenario given the close relationship between Obama and Lynch. The only other explanation is that Obama ordered it and the DOJ happily complied.

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This isn’t the first time Obama was caught red-handed spying on his enemies. In fact, just before he left office, he quietly expanded the powers of…


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In January, Obama granted the NSA the ability to “share any personal communications, intercepted by the government, with 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

This was a broad and intentional expansion of the rules that govern spying on American citizens. Another point supporting President Trump’s claims is Obama’s history of putting his nose where it doesn’t belong.

The New York Times published accurately Obama’s nefarious activities when they told the story of him spying on journalists. And, during his eight years as president, his DOJ prosecuted nine cases involving ‘whistleblowers”–three times as many as all other administrations combined.

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