If you happen to read The New Yorker or The Economist magazines, you might know both magazines are portraying President Trump as a white supremacist.

Photo credit: Daily Wire

Keep in mind, First daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are devoutly Jewish. And the president has shown great support for Israel. Much more than his predecessor ever did. So how someone could associate him with anti-Semitists like the KKK, is anyone’s guess.

Our guess is that it fits their liberal agenda. It is a narrative they are creating–not facts.

While the covers are different in appearance, their messages seem to espouse the same thing. On The New Yorker cover, the president is depicted in a small sail boat, his voice filling the sail, which is shaped like the iconic KKK hood. Similarly, The Economist cover shows Trump speaking through a megaphone that likewise looks like the hood of a Klansman.

Not surprisingly, there are no words accompanying the inflammatory images. Just the pictures and the underlying message that President Trump is empowering white supremacists.

And yet, no one has explained how exactly he has done that. The president vehemently condemned the KKK and other neo-Nazi groups after Charlottesville. He also condemned the violent leftist groups in attendance.

Charlottesville Riot | Photo Credit Getty

The latter statement is no doubt what earned him the dubious covers. This was confirmed as much by The Hill in their article on the images:

“The cover art, titled “Blowhard” by artist David Plunkert, focuses on Trump’s statements Tuesday in which he blamed “both sides” for violence caused by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend that left one dead and dozens injured. President Trump’s weak pushback to hate groups-as if he was trying not to alienate them as voters-compelled me to take up my pen, Plunkert said in a press release.”

It sure would be nice if the leftists would stop feeling alienated by the truth, wouldn’t it?


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