1Change or protection?

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Every election brings uncertainties with it and the 2016 Republican win is no different. Republicans are excited by the potential changes that Donald Trump will bring and the Democrats seem fearful of his confidence.

Either way, one of the most important aspects for President-elect Donald Trump will involve changes or protection within Social Security. After all, Democrats wish to change America while Republicans want…


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  • Anna

    Stop the theft of our SS by putting back into it the money stolen by our government that helped themselves to it. That should end – if we have enough money to payout millions and billions to illegals we have enough for SS.

    • Arlene Bell


  • SJW

    Get the SS out of the general fund and put it back where it belongs under a trust fund. Our government also owes it billions of dollars as well as the billions that are in a suspense account due to various factors such as checks returned (prior to direct deposit), and the fraud associated with those getting SS payments that shouldn’t. Fix those issues and our SS should be solvent for a lot longer than 2034.

  • Marianne

    I agree with what’s been suggested so far. Let’s get working on it please.

  • keith hinkel

    FDR to blame for SS mess. He penned SS BUT also got supreme court to allow Congress to use SS $$$ to pay bills. Never refunded $$$$. Then Clinton got us into NAFTA, Outsourcing, & Chins trade. Loss of SS $$$. All this must be reversed and a huge raise given to all in the SS program. As well as the $ 26 TRILLION $$ repaid to SS fund.

  • Arlene Bell

    The American worker has to pay tax on 85% of his or her SS income if they make over a small amount even though they have to work to make ends meet while slackers , fakers and people of questionable citizenship who are encouraged to claim to be disabled at the SS office. Applying for SS at the SS office is an eye opener. It looks like a lot of money if up for grabs. I think this should be investigated.

  • Tina

    Pay back what was stole, problem solved, Make it congress’s retirement plan also. Simple

  • Judy Dietz

    A little over a year ago, $150 BILLION dollars was transferred out of our Social Security Trust Fund into the Disability Fund (because it was broke). Not one dime of this money was anyone’s but those of us who’ve been paying into Social Security with every paycheck, along with our Employers. This is not the 1st time either! They’re supposed to pay us back with interest included – how many trillions have the politicians STOLEN from us over the years? What about all the money paid into SS, then the people died prematurely , never collecting a dime? Where is the accountability ? The average SS pmt is for $1,300. When you’re preparing to retire, you think you’re getting a certain amt, then find out they’re withholding $100 per month for Medicare. COLA ? Have always had COLAS, except for the last 10 years, 3 times, no colas. Trust your Government ? Hell no !

  • Viv Good

    SS needs to be audited. Immigrants should not be collecting SS from the U.S. that did not pay into our system. Immigrants from other countries should have a repository for their benefits to be transferred into. In which they collect their SS thru. Immigrants who work for cash to avoid taxes should not be eligible. The U.S. SS system was designed to be a depository for Americans to retire on. You paid into SS for 40-50 years and retired. Now its a myth program quickly dissipating to basic needs coverage. And the millions of immigrants collecting did not contribute and many falsify their age to collect. As with the supposed 108 year old lady who visited the Obamas in early 2016. She actually was 20 years younger and had been living on SS since she came to America. They are told what to do, to take advantage of the system. Audit and clean house.

    • Jeanne

      I agree immigrants should not be getting ss

  • Don Klein

    Why is it that no politician has has made reference to the fact that Social Security with holding was originally deposited in an interest bearing account,until 1939 when FDR removed it and placed it in the general fund for re-building the military prior to WWll. Why was SS not returned to an interest bearing account ??? There would never be a problem with running out of funds if that action had taken place after the war ended. The government liked raiding those funds and for more than 70 years have been ripping off senior citizens…..its time this issue is investigated.

  • catsighting

    retirees have been receiving medical care for years prolonging their lives with state of the art treatment, the costs of saving their lives time and time again is a fortune more than what they ever put in, now having said that, I am thankful for it, however, currently, those same treatments are being denied to the newest of the retirees who actually paid in more. so how is this issue fixed to be fair to everyone, it is never discussed…..I welcome input and discussion but please don’t start calling me names, I am simply asking.

    • jransom49

      Newer retirees haven’t paid more. You have to look at what the price of a dollar was back in the day. Everyone puts in the same amount depending on their tax bracket.

  • Paula Osborne

    I see much monies being sent out of the country several times recently..pay back to us,why not shore up social security and start putting monies into funds that grow so no one will face losing. I do trust Trump to make changes in many things but it will take time.

  • Mary Lewison

    They need to get all the young people off of it that are faking disabilities and haven’t paid jack into it…

    • nobody

      This was part of the Socialism program. Also, all the illegals that have collected SS for nothing.

  • Sarah Owens Betar

    keep social security away from the grasp of the politicians, both sides, and social security will remain solvent

  • Ron

    A good sized raise……We just receive 0.03 percent and they raised Part B…So we got nothing.

    • Frances Noyan

      My Social Security actually went down $4.00; thank you Obama, I guess these million dollars vacation needs to be paid for somehow. Stealing our money……

  • Sue B.


    • Richard Adams

      Obama wasn’t the only one who took from it.

  • LadyG9

    I’d like the regular cost of the annual cost of living increase given back to me. $50/mo = $600 year X 8 yrs = $4,800. My monthly SS check should be appx $500/mo MORE!

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