What’s it like to be a part of the Robertson family without being a Robertson? John Godwin from Duck Dynasty is one of the few people who know. 

GodwinSource: Duck Commander

Just like the family, Godwin grew up as a poor hunter. When he was a teenager, he placed 3rd in a duck calling contest. In fact, Phil Robertson was one of the judges that decided Godwin would get third place.

From there, duck hunting was his thing. Ever since 2002, he’s been working for Duck Commander, the Robertsons’ family business. Now, he’s worth so much money it’s shocking.

However, at one time he was not worth so much to the Robertson men.

They had a problem with his facial hair. Jase made that very clear. 

“Everyone knows, the best form of camouflage during duck season is a man’s beard,” Jase said. “Except for John Godwin! His beard became a bit of a problem for us during duck season; he started flaring ducks!  And in our duck blind, that’s a no-no.”

That white goatee just stuck out in the brown brush. And the men, particularly Jase and Phil, were not happy. They needed to have a good duck hunting season!


Phil agreed with Jase that Godwin had to do something about the beard.

Duck Dynasty castSource: OutdoorHub

“If your beard turns white, that’s like a deer, a deer’s flag in the duck blind,” Phil said. “They see it! The man who stood out the most was in fact, John the Walrus Godwin.”

So, not wanting to be kicked off the hunting team, Godwin made a trip to the salon to get it fixed. He asked the hair stylist to camouflage his beard. He asked that his facial hair looks exactly like his hat, and that’s what looked like when he left the salon.

The point is, Godwin is a valuable asset to Duck Commander, Duck Dynasty, and the Robertson hunting crew. It’s going to take a lot to get rid of him because he’s so valuable.

How valuable exactly? Well, his net worth is $1.5 million, according to TheRichest.com.

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