Fans have been dying to know- What is Mayim Bialik’s favorite Big Bang episode? Well, she’s finally given us the answer- and it wasn’t what we had expected.

Mayim Bialik’s Favorite Big Bang Episode

In a vlog she posted to her very popular Youtube channel (she has over 240,000 subscribers), she revealed the exact episode she loves the most.

Mayim admitted the decision was tough. “It’s like being asked to pick which one of my children I love most. Or, which one of my cast mates I like best.” We’d love to hear the answer to that question for sure.

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Mayim also listed some honorable mentions, including “singing Neil Diamond in the car with Wolowitz,” and “singing Justin Beiber in a karaoke bar.” She also mentioned a few of her favorite guest stars, Wil Wheaton, Bob Newhart, and Billy Bob Thornton. 

However, none of those made the cut when it came down to Mayim’s very favorite Big Bang episode of all time. “The episodes that stand out to me the most,” Mayim revealed, “are the ones depicting Amy and Sheldon hosting their online show called Fun With Flags.”

Mayim seems to like these episodes because she gets to wear outlandish costumes. Her Bavarian Pretzel outfit and Kangaroo suit were a far cry from Amy’s typical bland skirt and shirt. 


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Sheldon created the web series to teach vexillology, the study of flags. Slowly Amy became involved, and the pair had a grand old time teaching their (very few) online viewers about different countries’ flags. 

Mayim also admitted she loves the segment because she gets to share the scenes with Jim Parsons alone. “I love the way the writers write when it’s just me and Jim Parsons,” Mayim gushed. “The banter they allow us to have is so much fun to perform.”

We won’t lie- Fun With Flags is certainly a great segment, but is it your favorite Big Bang episode of all time?

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