The Reason Why Eto Left Real Madrid Is Shocking!


When you think of Barcelona’s success, you immediately think of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. But the truth is, Barca started dominating world football well before Messi exploded.

The generation of Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto was the first step towards success and titles. Yes, Ronaldinho was the key player, but he was surrounded by a great team of players. Just like Messi has Suarez now, Ronaldinho had Eto.

Eto will be remembered as one of the best strikers in the world. He wasn’t just a typical finisher, he had speed and dribbling skills too.

And most importantly he was a true fighter. He was the total opposite of a passive forward. Ibrahimovic is indeed a great striker, but he can also be categorized as a passive striker. You can see that he sometimes lacks the energy to do the extra work, in order to find himself in a scoring position.

Eto was different.

He was always doing his best to make sure his name is on the score board.

Eto’o left Madrid ‘for the colour of his skin’

We do live in a modern era now, but racism was once part of football. Eto is a Barcelona legend, and every Barcelona fan admires his skills and what he did for the club.

Barcelona saw an opportunity to sign a world class striker, and the color of his skin wasn’t a problem at all.

“Florentino doesn’t like black players; he’s not a racist but he doesn’t like them.”

“I also fought with him over Eto’o. Samuel was just as much a Galactico as Figo. He left for the colour of his skin.” – Marquez (Casillas’s agent) told AS.

This is shocking indeed. But what happened in R. Madrid is just a bad memory for both Eto and Barcelona.

He was successful and got every trophy he wished for in Barcelona. That’s what counts at the end. Eto did have his revenge with Barcelona:

‘Madrid cabron saluda al campeon’ means ‘Madrid assholes, salute the Champions’. This little incident got Eto into trouble, and he was forced to pay a fine.

The real revenge was his success, and this is not a way to celebrate a title.

Eto on his time at R. Madrid

“When I was 16 and I was in the cantera (reserve team), nobody respected me. My comrades did not even greet me.”

“They treated me like I was the last to arrive, despite the many goals I scored. The only people who have always believed in me were Fabio Capello and Italo Galbiati, who gave me the opportunity to train with the first team.”

“I will thank them both forever. I would bleed for them, and I was hungry for fame, money, and goals. I wanted to be somebody.”

“I never wanted to leave Madrid, but in that company I wanted to. I’ll never understand the real reason.”

“I have always done well. The only explanation is that perhaps the black men in that club were not loved.” – Source.