Even though Messi and Ronaldo are not really good at singing, people still go crazy when they see them. They’re no Justin Bieber or One Direction, but they might have even bigger fan base than some musicians or actors.

That is a part of football. Even though it is not necessary, it still comes with the fame of being a super star football player.

Messi or Neymar don’t have to work on their social media profiles. They don’t need an Instagram or a Facebook page to win matches and score goals. The only need to do perform on the pitch, and that’s it.

Football is their number one skill, and they should stick with that. They do receive a huge amount of money from the club, but they also make money from advertising.

This is where the social media accounts are important. The more followers they have, more people can see the product they’re promoting.

Of course, by promoting a product we mean boots and similar sport accessories. Neymar is sponsored by Nike, and Messi is sponsored by Adidas.

They use their fan page to cooperate with their sponsors and work on promoting the boots they wear from their sponsors.

Besides sponsor promotion, players use their accounts to act as a voice for the club. They often use social media to show support to other players, or charity organizations.

But the bottom line is, they don’t depend on posting pictures over the internet.

  1. Neymar (@neymarj) 60.3 M

Neymar is the most exciting young player in the world, and it’s not a surprise that he is number one on our list. He definitely has the brandable personality on and off the field. He uses the pitch to show that he is a star. He is always confident on the ball, and we just can’t get enough of his skills.

  1. Leo Messi (@leomessi) 56.5 M

Messi is the best player in the world, but he’s also the most humble super-star in the world of football. He’s not dating models, or driving Ferraris. He keeps it simple in life. He is the best at what he does, and he loves it. He has a loving family to support him, and that’s all he needs to be happy.

But when you’re number one at something, people would follow you and admire you. That’s why Messi is number two on our list.

  1. Luis Suárez (@luissuarez9) 16.9 M

Suarez is definitely a story on his own. Besides being involved in a few incidents, he still is focused only on scoring goals. He has the habit to lose his temper on the field, but that is only because he loves to win.

  1. Andrés Iniesta (@andresiniesta8) 14 M

Iniesta is as humble as Messi. He also likes to live his life in private, but people follow him because as soon as he sets his foot on the field he turns into a magician!

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