The debate of “best ever” is a never ending story. Some say it’s Messi, other say it’s Maradona because of his success with the national team.

That’s the only thing Messi is missing to be the best player ever, without a debate. He just can’t get lucky with his national team.

He was close, so close

He was defeated after the World Cup final. Not because of his personal failure, and the glory of being the best ever. But because he wanted to make his country proud, and bring joy to millions of people.

But Germany was just a little bit better, and they got their medal. Both sides had goal-scoring chances, but after the regular time Mario Gotze scored.

He took Messi’s dream away in a second. We’re not saying that Germany wasn’t dreaming of winning the World cup, but Messi had more pressure on his shoulders.

Messi won the player of the tournament award, but that wasn’t his goal.

“Right now, nothing can console me – not the award or anything else,” said Messi. “Our only goal was to take home the World Cup and enjoy our victory with everyone in Argentina.

“We deserved a bit more after the game we played, and it was very painful to lose that way,”

“After failing to get past the quarter-finals for so long, we managed to get to the final, which is still something.“

“Even so, we’re leaving here disappointed not to win the trophy given the way the final played out. That leaves us feeling very annoyed and angry, but we now need to look to the future.” – Source.

But that does not make him a less of a player

Football is a team sport after all. No player can win games on his own, not even Messi. When Maradona brought the World cup to Argentina, he was hailed as a hero.

But times were different then.

Football was more offensively oriented, and investing in defending wasn’t as serious as today. Germany knew what Messi is capable of, and they marked him with physically strong players that were ready to tackle hard if needed.

On top of that, he plays 60+ games every season, and without having a few weeks off it’s not easy for him to stay on top of his game.

However, even if he never wins a significant title with Argentina, he still will be recognized as the best player who ever played the game.

Messi humiliating great players

Confidence is key when it comes to players like Messi. You can’t expect him to feel down if he misses a chance or losses a game.

He has to be confident and move forward with improving. Confidence is the reason why Messi is able to humiliate great players in the video you’re about to see.


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