Besides being the best player in the world, Messi is also the world’s highest paid footballer. With annual income of 81.5million dollars, it’s hard for other players to keep up.

Some argue that he is overpaid, but let’s just look at some stats first:

Wayne Rooney makes $20.1 M per year in salaries, and Messi makes $53.4 M. Messi has Ballon d’Or awards and Rooney has none.

Rooney is an extraordinary player as well, but the point we’re trying to prove is that Messi deserves every penny he earns.

Everyone knows that the real money in football come from advertising. As soon as a player has a great season and wins couple of trophies, huge brands are knocking on his door with millions to get his face/name on their product.

Nike, Adidas, Coke, Gillette and every other big brand is working on signing big names to increase brand awareness.

Messi earned $28 M from advertising, and a big sum from this huge amount of money came from Adidas.

He signed his first contract with Adidas in 2006, when he was only 19. The Adidas F30 were Messi’s first sponsored boots.

David Beckham and Lionel Messi are the only two players that have their own signature boots produced by Adidas.

But Adidas is just one of the huge companies that are working with Messi. There’s Pepsi, Gillette, Samsung, EA Sports and many more.

Each of these brands have one thing in common; they all like to send a message to their targeted audience.

Some of them produce great ads that inspire people to buy their product, but some of them are not good at all:

But we’re going to talk about the ads where Messi inspired all of us with his story and success:

  1. Welcome to Brazil

The message Adidas is trying is simple; there’s no time for chit-chat during the World Cup. It’s either that or they’re all afraid of Messi, so they go the extra mile to prepare for the worst, and that’s of course facing Messi!

  1. There will be haters

“You’ll never break a record, and no way all of them”

  1. Legends on Board

You can feel the special connection between these two in the amazing Turkish Airlines commercial. Kobe is a huge admirer of Messi:

“I wear number 10 for the US team in honour of the most amazing athlete I have ever seen, Messi.”

  1. Don’t go down

  1. Pepsi World Cup 2010 commercial

This Pepsi commercial features players like Lampard, Kaka, Henry and Drogba. But we’ve picked the ad because of the funny Messi moment that you can see at the end of the ad.

  1. Gillette

Messi and Roger Federer are going on a shaving journey that takes them into different countries and different sports. You can see Messi as a hockey player and as cricket player as well.

  1. Unfollow Messi

Adidas is trying to send a message to every young player out there that it’s important to find your own game. However, you should find inspiration in Messi’s success, but never forget to follow your own path.


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