Five golden ball awards is all you need to know about Messi. Even if you take two, he’s left with three and he’s still the best player in the world. But the fact is, he deserved every single one of them.

He scores and he assists.  He is the perfect player, indeed.

When we say he scores, we’re talking about 90 goals in one calendar year. It takes a whole career for some players to score 90 goals, but Messi did it in one year!

He’s 29 years old, and a lot of people already crown him as the best ever to play the game. If you take a look at his stats, and if you watch him play, it is really hard to disagree with the fact that he really is the best ever.

Coaches and players admire him, especially those who were unlucky to face him in top form.

“Messi is an alien that dedicates himself to playing with humans,” Buffon told The Guardian before the CL final. “The only hope is that this Saturday he will be from earth, like the rest of us.”

The truth is, no one is perfect in football. Messi has had a few bad moments in his career as well. The good thing is that he did so many great thing, and we doubt someone will remember him for his few mistakes.

The Argentina debut

When someone mentions Messi, the last thing you think about is a red card. But that’s exactly what happened in his Argentina debut. The sad thing is that this is the only red card he ever received in his career. He came on in the 63rd minute, and got a direct red card just two minutes after.

The “Hand of God” moment

Messi is a natural scorer, and he would do anything to make sure his team is winning. He usually scores amazing solo goals, when his team is in trouble. But this time, he used his hand instead.

Even though Maradona used his hand to score a goal as well, this is not something Messi is proud of. However, he was young and eager to win in 2007, and he’s not the only one to score a goal with his hand as well.

The trophy-less season in 2013/14

Football is all about winning trophies, and when you’re labeled as the best ever; the expectations are even higher. Barcelona lost the La Liga in the last match in 2013/14. They were knocked out by Atleti in CL, and lost the Spanish Cup against R. Madrid in the final.

However, the whole team recovered and the 2013/14 season.  And now it is no more than just a lesson.

The World Cup final

This is by far the most painful of Messi’s moment. He was so close to bringing joy to Argentina, but things just didn’t work out. Messi was devastated after the loss, and he took the responsibility for the whole thing. He did won of the tournament award, but he didn’t care.

He felt like he let his nation down, even though he was the best in his national squad.

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