Messi Playing in the Next Game: a Risk for Barcelona?


The Messi injury VS Atletico was a huge blow for Barcelona. It is the start of the season, and every game in La Liga wants to get in front of the competition.

Barcelona isn’t at the best form, but R. Madrid is struggling as well. Just when they had a chance to get in front of their biggest rival, Barcelona was stunted by Celta Vigo.

Messi and his magic were not an option, and the defense made too many mistakes. Madrid is still on top of the table, but Messi is back now.

The question is, should Barcelona risk Messi against Deportivo?

After the World Cup qualifications, Barcelona will face Deportive at Camp Nou. Jordi Alba got injured with Spain, and Digne will take his place.

But the good news is that Messi is back on training, and available to play.

However, Enrique should think about playing Messi from the start. Even though he recovered, he still needs some time to adapt.

Neymar talks about Messi’s recovery

“Leo is OK, he’s perfect [in terms of fitness],” Neymar said. “Whether all three of us play [Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez] against Deportivo depends on the manager.”

“We know we are making history and together we’re stronger. The magic of the trident is the friendship. We are friends on and off the pitch. We help each other.”

“You have to accept rotations,” he said. “The manager always speaks with us and we know there are a lot of games until the end of the season and everyone wants to be at their best at the end of the campaign.”

“We’re all aware of the matter, it’s for our own good, so we have to accept it.”

This is exactly what we expect from Neymar. He is professional, and he’s not going to reveal any details about the strategy and lineup for the upcoming match.

Everything will depend on Enrique and Messi. If Messi says he’s ready to play, and Enrique gives the green light, we will see Messi starting the match against Deportivo on Saturday.

But Barcelona fans and player are not the only one who can’t wait for Messi to return on the pitch. Deportivo’s goalkeeper would like to see Messi on the pitch as well.

“I prefer to play against the best, so from a personal point of view I hope that Messi plays,” he told MARCA. “For me, he is the best player in the world.”

Neymar talks about his dribbling style

Neymar sure makes it look easy to dribble pass world-class defenders, but the reality is different. He has his own style, and he isn’t willing to change it.

He was criticized for showboating, but it looks like the comment don’t bother him at all.

“I’m definitely not going to change, players have to know that when they face me that I have my own way of playing and that is dribbling, scoring goals and helping my team mates.”

“I’m happy playing that way and if they don’t like it there’s nothing I can do.”