This was a great game for Barcelona. Just like we predicted, Messi wasn’t in the starting lineup, but he joined the team in 55 minutes and scored.

The result was already secured, but Messi proved that he can make a difference even when he’s not in the starting eleven.

Besides Messi returning on the pitch, Rafinha was also a pleasant surprise for the fans. He scored two goals, and he had a great game in overall.

Suarez proved that he is the best striker in the world, when he turned an average pass from Neymar into a goal.

Neymar wasn’t on the scoreboard this time, but he had two assists. He helped Messi to score his first goal since the injury, and he also assisted Suarez.


“Depor are a side that concede few goals, but we created many chances and scored four. I’m very happy with the team’s effort. We played a very complete game.”

Rafinha on a roll

The young Brazilian is finally proving that he’s worth it. It’s extremely hard to break into Barcelona’s first team, especially if you’re coming from the academy.

But Rafinha proved he’s loyal to the Club, and willing to fight for his place.

Rafinha had his best games playing for Celta Vigo. He joined Celta Vigo at the perfect moment. Enrique was in charge of Celta, and his brother was closer to breaking into the first team.

But when Rafinha had a chance to play some first team football, he improved drastically. When Enrique was announced as the new Barcelona coach, he brought Rafinha with him.

“It’s great that Rafinha and others can play and perform at more than one position. Those variables are great for the players and the team.” – Enrique after the match.

Post match comments

“We knew what the game required,” Enrique said. “And the players came out and did what they needed to do.”

“They didn’t create any scoring chances and we did.”

“That’s what we wanted to do and we did it.”

“We wanted to get out with three players and use that to open up the field out on the wings.”

“Having players come off the bench and perform at a high level is one of the keys to the season.”

“We wanted to avoid making the same mistakes we’ve made in previous seasons [against Deportivo], and we put the game away early in the second half with our fourth goal.”

“We got Messi back and everyone saw it took him very little time to get back to his best level.”

“I have no doubts about Paco Alcácer. He’s had some very clear chances but has been unlucky. I remember some other players like Luis Suárez who also had a tough time getting that first goal, and you only need to see the numbers.”


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