What are your favorite moments with Duck Dynasty? If you ask Jase Robertson, Willie Robertson’s brother, he has three.

The first one was when they went duck hunting with Uncle Si. Sitting in the tall grass, Jase looks over and sees Uncle Si sitting there with his dog. However, it wasn’t what you might call a hunting dog. It was an apricot standard poodle.

When Jase points out that he’s got a poodle, Uncle Si defends his dog saying,

“Look at that stature, he’s got killer written all over him.”

Jase was sure that poodles can’t fetch. He was wrong.

Never be too old to learn something new. Was the lesson that day.” Jase Robertson

Then, there was the first day of hunting season and Willie pulled up in an awesome motor home. The thing was decked out in camouflage, of course. With Duck Dynasty faces bigger than life plastered across the side of it. In hunting paint.

Jase RobertsonA&E Screenshot

They were supposed to be camping. However, Willie came with an X-Box, and fettuccine. Yep. Fettuccine. Not exactly the over-the-campfire, man-food you would expect from the back woods roughing-it-type.

But it got worse.

They overslept. And missed the hunt.

“I’ve been on the earth sixty-six years, and I’ve never known any group of men sleeping through opening day of duck season–EVER.” Phil Robertson

Jase RobertsonScreenshot A&E Clip

They missed the hunt alright but Jase, on the other hand, got himself a fine catch, saying to his sleepy brother,

“That’s what happens when you turn into a bunch of pansies.”

Jase’s third favorite was when he walked into his brother Willie’s office and found him, well let’s just say awkwardly exercising.

“You want to get in shape in a hurry?” Jase asked Willie. “I’ll show you just how to do it.”

The next thing you know Willie is chopping Jase’s firewood.

Jase RobertsonScreenshot A&E Clip

“Tell me why it is I’m chopping your firewood?” asked Willie.

“Because I’m training you to get in shape.”

For Jase, that was a nice turn of events. He got to sit down, drink tea, and watch Willie work and actually sweat. “Which,” Jase says “was quite enjoyable.”

How about you? What is your favorite Duck Dynasty moment? Are you a fan of the early days? Or new to the Dynasty? There are so many to chose from.

Since their beginning in March of 2012, until last August, there has been 115 episodes. Or maybe it’s the touching parts that bring you back to your faith in family that makes a show your favorite.

Or maybe, it’s the antics of Uncle Si. Heaven knows there’s plenty of that to go around, like bringing a poodle to go duck hunting. Who does that?

Whatever it is, share in the comments below. If it’s one we’ve missed, maybe we can dig it up and have a good laugh.

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