Every transfer window is filled with all kinds of rumors that simply go away at the end of it. These rumors are often connected to big names, because that’s what people like to read about most.

According to rumors, Messi is leaving Barcelona every transfer window. It’s either Chelsea, or Man City or another other rich club that is willing to pay a fortune to sign Messi.

But when the transfer window is over, Messi is still in Barcelona and he’s working on signing a new contract.

But this time, Messi wasn’t the number one target for rumors. The big clubs were after Neymar, and this time it wasn’t just a rumor.

We all heard about the PSG offer, where Barcelona was offered around $140 million, and Neymar had the chance to be the highest paid player in the world.


But he refused the offer. PSG was willing to give Neymar a chain of hotels as well. But his decision to pick football over money is final.


Besides PSG, Man Utd, R. Madrid and Man City were interested in signing Neymar as well. But Barcelona and Neymar rejected all offers.

Neymar’s father: “We are going to renew with Barcelona, that’s for sure. He has three more years at Barca, so there’s no need for urgency. There’s no rush.We are relaxed and sure that Neymar will continue here for many more years. He is happy in Barcelona and there’s no need for a change.”

Neymar is happy at the club, and he already signed a new contract. His current release clause is set to $200+ million, and he’s making more than 650k per week.

Besides the huge salary, Neymar’s number one reason to stay at Barcelona is growth. If he likes to grow and constantly improve as a player, Barcelona is the place to be.

Messi leads by example

Messi is the perfect example of how even the best can improve if they work hard. He was part of the team that was unbeatable, and he was also a part of the team that was trophyless in 2013/14.

But he didn’t give up, or blame others for the bad results. He worked hard, he improved and Barcelona won the Champions League against Juventus in 2015.

That’s exactly what Neymar needs. He needs an example of how you can overcome bad results with hard work.

It is expected to fail in football, especially if you use the same philosophy for years. But that doesn’t mean you have to change everything, in order to start winning again.

You just need to improve, and that’s exactly what Barcelona is doing. Neymar is keen to stay at a club where managers are sacked after two bad games, and players are given a second chance and more freedom.

Barcelona believes in his potential, and he is clearly destined to replace Messi as the number 10, of course after Messi retires.

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