ALERT: Obama’s Social Security Executive Order Going Into Action… Here’s What You Need To Know


Taking Away American Rights

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While most Americans celebrated Christmas with family, President Obama decided to announce a gun ban for social security beneficiaries officially. Although the plan has been mentioned before, he’s following through within his last few weeks in office.

Mostly, anyone who receives social security and also has a family member listed as a “representative payee” will automatically lose their privilege to own a firearm. This includes hundreds of thousands of America citizens.

If this executive order isn’t stopped, it can’t just be repealed when Trump steps into office. It would require an act of Congress to stop it and assigning a representative is completely normal, so there’s no reason for this.

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Some people simply reach an age where they no longer feel comfortable driving or need the help of a family member to pick up checks and prescriptions, but that doesn’t mean they lose their rights.

Obama’s plan reveals his view of these people–that they are mentally defective and should no longer own a firearm. In 2017, if the executive order passes, this means that between 75,000 and 100,000 people could be disarmed. This number comes directly from the Social Security Administration’s quota.

The first Americans to lose their guns will include those who have concealed carry permits, hunting licenses, or those who have registered their firearms. In addition to those who will lose their guns, many other elderly Americans will find out at the gun shop as they are denied the right to purchase.

When the gun shop owner checks these individual’s backgrounds, law enforcement will be triggered to make a home inspection to check and…

Possibly seize other guns in the house. 

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 This means they’ll be denied and robbed by the Federal Government thanks to Obama.

Picture wheel-chaired veterans who will be forced to give up their guns. These individuals have fought for America and all she represents. But because they chose to have someone help them with prescriptions or something else trivial, they will now be required to give up their guns.

The executive order from Obama will disarm this individual when trouble comes knocking. Now, despite risking his or her life for country and patriotism, President Obama can take the gun from his or her hand.

Will you let Obama take away your rights?

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