1Taking Away American Rights

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While most Americans celebrated Christmas with family, President Obama decided to announce a gun ban for social security beneficiaries officially. Although the plan has been mentioned before, he’s following through within his last few weeks in office.

Mostly, anyone who receives social security and also has a family member listed as a “representative payee” will automatically lose their privilege to own a firearm. This includes hundreds of thousands of America citizens.

If this executive order isn’t stopped, it can’t just be repealed when Trump steps into office. It would require an act of Congress to stop it and assigning a representative is completely normal, so there’s no reason for this.

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Some people simply reach an age where they no longer feel comfortable driving or need the help of a family member to pick up checks and prescriptions, but that doesn’t mean they lose their rights.

Obama’s plan reveals his view of these people–that they are mentally defective and should no longer own a firearm. In 2017, if the executive order passes, this means that between 75,000 and 100,000 people could be disarmed. This number comes directly from the Social Security Administration’s quota.

The first Americans to lose their guns will include those who have concealed carry permits, hunting licenses, or those who have registered their firearms. In addition to those who will lose their guns, many other elderly Americans will find out at the gun shop as they are denied the right to purchase.

When the gun shop owner checks these individual’s backgrounds, law enforcement will be triggered to make a home inspection to check and…


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  • ronnie cook

    do not count on the lame ass congress to stop it. if they were doing their job he would have been impeached long ago all they can think on is how to get a raise for not doing their job

  • Donna Smith

    Sounds like Hitler’s Germany to me! Obama is scum!

  • Jill

    Trump needs to get this overturned. Seniors, especially those living alone, need to be able to defend themselves. We/they are considered soft targets.

    • 1register

      Ya and now any criminal will know a senior has no defenses.

  • Bob Wintle

    This son of as bitch needs to go NOW!!! What a fucking asswipe!!

  • sidneydave

    How many seniors use their firearms committing crime? How many seniors use their firearms to defend themselves or their loved ones? Be honest when answering. Now why should they lose their civil rights if they don’t commit crimes? What’s next, losing the right to vote?

    • Reggie

      He’s getting his wish, to take all our defenses away.

  • Jamie Jansen

    Congress will close it out in a heart beat. This guy has lost his mind in trying to get even for Trump winning the election. He is the first President to be runout of a country like the Philippines where he left with his tail between his legs after the President called him by his “N” word name….

  • Diana Schneider

    People like him are the main reason we have Problems
    from the Black Races.

  • Susan Colombo Hoggatt

    We might as well have everyone just give them up and continue to arm his fellow CHICAGOIANS ….that is where they will ALL end up ..some how some way !!!!

  • Michelle Castañeda

    Like I would ever give up a gun if I had one.

  • desertgranny

    Obama the great anti american

  • J. Fannin

    Obama is a world class piece of feces……………………….. the traitor belongs in jail……….. congress needs to just put a stop to this clown before he gives the whole damn country away

    • Jackie Cook

      I agree!!!

  • traverdog

    The muslim terrorist POS should be in GITMO for life.

  • Mac Sterling

    Why does this require an act of congress to “repeal” it. If it is an executive order, not a law passed by congress, why can’t an executive reverse it

  • Marianne

    Lock him up….NOW!!!!

  • 1register

    How can he do this? It is against our constitutional rights.

  • Jackie Cook

    Congress is scared to death of Obama…that’s WHY they let him stay and ruin our country!!!

  • TxNetCop

    I can’t even fathom the audacity of the WHITE HOUSE IDIOT. He seems to be in a total melt down!

  • Corey Gray

    I keep trying to explain this to people, and people refuse to get it.

    This is no “new law”, it is simply a new way to ensure an OLD LAW is enforced.

    The people this affects are ALREADY legally banned from owning firearms…in order to have the SSI/SSDI offices determine you needed a “representative payee”, more than one doctor NOT CONNECTED WITH THEM has had to state you are not mentally competent to manage your own affairs.

    That means they have been judged to be “non compos mentis”, in a legal sense BEFORE this condition is applicable.

    It doesn’t matter who how or why someone is judged non compos mentis, in this country, the instant the government recognizes it legally…in court, in medical support, in tax-use situations…the person judged incompetent is legally banned from owning firearms.

    Grandpa isn’t going to lose his guns for retiring and going on SSI…but if he gets dementia, and has to have a full time caregiver, according to his doctors? Then he needs a representative payee to manage his affairs…and can’t own guns legally.

    A statement that’s true separately, under the old laws, as well…if he’d been judged incompetent as a result of his dementia, he’s legally banned from owning.

    This just guarantees it’s reported to NCIC.

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