“Bikers For Trump” Plan To Counter Violent Inauguration Protestors

Fox & Friends | Photo Credit Fox News For all of those leftist elites, or run-of-the-mill angry Democrats, wanting to cause problems on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day–beware. Bikers For Trump would like to tell these people that they will have to go through a “wall of meat” in order to start problems.

On Fox & Friends, Bikers For Trump leader Chris Cox said that his 5,000-member biker group will be at the inauguration to protect other Trump supporters from any liberal protestors who plan on starting trouble.

“In the event that we are needed, we will form a wall of meat,” said Cox. “We’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers, and we’ll be toe-to-toe with anyone who’s going to break through police barriers.”

Growing Numbers Of Trump Supporters

Fox & Friends | Photo Credit Fox News

Since October of 2015, the Virginia Beach group went from 100 riders to over 200,000 members. More than likely, they’ll be the largest pro-Trump group at the inauguration, which important since most of the permits have gone to those who do not support the next president.

On their Facebook page, they wrote that they “have the only pro-Trump permits for the inauguration.” In addition, “Anti-Trump groups have gobbled up all other areas and are actively preparing and advertising for people to join their effort to cause chaos and mayhem.”

In addition to standing as a “wall of meat,” the group also plans to honor veterans at another event at John Marshall Park on Inauguration Day.

Americans Need To Stand Behind Donald Trump

Fox & Friends | Photo Credit Fox News

Based on the numbers of liberals and Trump-haters that want to disrupt the Inauguration Day ceremonies—particularly those who wish to create violence—the Bikers For Trump group is doing what is necessary for the event.

The Bikers For Trump hope to invite others to come out for President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. With the liberals coming together to protest or potentially start riots, groups like this can help stand behind the next president.

With a growing number like 100 to 200,000, it’s obvious this group has a powerful message to fulfill. They’re angry about the way things have been and they want a man who can create real change.

This is why Americans chose Donald Trump to be the next president and it’s why he needs others to stand behind him more now than ever.

Will you stand with Donald Trump at his Inauguration?

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