While the second presidential debate was about to get on its way, Hurricane Matthew was downgraded to a post tropical cyclone. By Sunday night, the deadly storm had killed at least 17 people in four states. During the Storm, it was widely reported that the Clinton Campaign hired ads against presidential rival, Donald Trump, cunningly thinking that people would tune into the Weather Channel.

As stated by the Politico, the Clinton camp spent $ 63,000 on ads on the channel. The ads were scheduled to overlap hurricane Matthew breaking landfall in Florida this past Thursday.

Beyond seeming ‘crass’ as the Politico stated, the Clinton campaign would come off to viewers as twisted, crooked, even macabre. The gamble was labeled by Eric Trump as “evil and sick,” during an interview with CNN.

It had yet to be seen how each campaign would react to the presidential race relegated to a secondary news story, as the Hurricane reeled towards the United States East Coast. Perhaps no one expected Clinton to get so low.

Clinton airs political ads disparaging Trump during HurricaneClinton airs political ads disparaging Trump during Hurricane

Clinton seemed to be ‘capitalizing’ on a national tragedy. Political blogs and commentators were quick to denounce the distasteful actions. By this time, Hurricane Matthew had already pummelled Haiti, the Bahamas, Cuba and the Caribbean, leaving possibly more than 1,000 dead by conservative estimates. The strategy could very well be hurting Clinton’s likability rather than helping.

A total of 17 people lost their lives during the storm in the United States; 17 Americans whose lives don’t really matter to the Clinton campaign. Perhaps they were part of the basket of deplorables whose family’s votes could be swayed during a sensitive and emotional time. At this point in time, Hillary’s crooked campaigning truly knows no lower bar than this.

For Crooked Hillary, every political play has been a shrewd and cunning tactical move. This kind of political end game may serve Clinton well during her power moves as senator and Secretary of State. But during the campaign for the presidency, her actions come out as lewd and degrading.

The campaign for the presidency requires a certain level of decorum and grace. Even though behind closed doors the reality of campaigning may be different. But Clinton’s actions, in this case, are different; this is willful and characteristically inhumane.

How the campaign didn’t see this is a communications blunder, shows a level of hostility to the American people that is irredeemable. Whomever agreed to this in the first place should be fired and step down. Beyond Donald Trump, or any other individual for that matter, the lack of sensitivity would have likely been the same if the Clinton camp believed it could win political points even if the Republican nominee had been Mickey Mouse.

Are these people “evil and sick” as Eric Trump has labeled them? Is there evil in Politics? As a career politician, Hillary Clinton could probably answer that question better than anybody. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details; and it is in the details that Hillary’s statements and actions get a little fuzzy. One thing is certainly clear: morals, grace and wisdom are certainly not a part of the Clinton campaign.

While pretending to be a graceful politician with a long established career, Hillary has played every dirty trick available in her tool kit. But, even for Crooked Clinton, this is a new low.

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