Representative Maxine Waters is making good on her promise to attack Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson. Waters is a ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Financial Services.

Ben Carson-HUD SecretaryBen Carson | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Waters made headlines when she came unhinged on Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin. Now, she is attacking Carson.

In August, while giving a speech before the Los Angeles Community Review Board, Waters called the retired neurosurgeon a “white-wing nationalist.” When the applause to her ridiculous comment ends, she threatened Carson. “He’s got to come before my committee,” Waters warns.

“If you think reclaiming my time that I did with Mnuchin, you wait till Ben Carson comes.”

Sec. Carson’s time came a few days ago. He was supposed to be meeting with the committee to discuss housing issues. However, Waters quickly turns the meeting into another Trump-bashing session. Instead of addressing the housing crisis, she grills the secretary on President Trump’s remarks on Puerto Rico.

“I had intended to start to talk about the housing crisis that we have,” Waters begins. “But since the president was busy tweeting this morning and you referred to HUD’s role in dealing with the hurricane disasters…” She then accuses President Trump of threatening to abandon Puerto Rico recovery efforts and demands Carson take a side.

“So, you talked about what you, HUD, is doing in cooperation with, I guess, the administration,” Waters says. “Do you agree with the president?” Carson attempts to answer Waters, saying that Puerto Rico is “important territory.” But, of course, she rudely interrupts him and once again demands he answer her question.

Political Power Trip

Maxine Waters attacks Ben CarsonPhoto credit | The Cut

Interestingly, Waters isn’t really asking a question. What she’s doing, is intentionally trying to drive a wedge between President Trump and Sec. Carson. Every chance she gets, Waters makes her feelings known about the president. She even goes so low, as to give an impeachment speech during a funeral.  

Incidentally, Waters has been the subject of several investigations. She currently stands accused of paying her daughter more than $600,000 for working on her Citizens for Waters campaign. In 2010, the House Ethics committee charged Waters with three counts of violating House rules and the federal ethics code.

Listen to the exchange and share your thoughts in the comments.


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