Obama just doesn’t care about our troops, that much is clear. He’s supposed to be the Commander and Chief, but he continually disrespects the soldiers fighting for our country. Once again, Obama refused to use the term Radical Islam. This time while visiting our troops in Fort Lee Virginia.

He’s losing the support of his armed forces. Soldiers asked Obama some very hard questions pertaining to women in the military and veteran’s health care. Another question that came up again from soldiers was why he refused to use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism.

These questions were asked at a town hall style meeting at the base in Virginia. Fort Lee is an Army base where Obama reviewed his “Accomplishments” as commander and chief. I’m not sure what he accomplished? If losing Iraq to ISIS and allowing the United States to lose its backbone is an accomplishment, I would hate to see what failure is.

Either way, the meeting didn’t go so smooth for Obama. It wasn’t exactly hostile, but troops had some very real questions and wanted very real answers.  One mother of a fallen soldier asked Obama, why he refused to use the term Radical Islam. That question has been asked to Obama countless times and is on the minds of millions of Americans.

For whatever reason, Obama refuses to use the term to address the people we have been fighting for a decade plus. Even though a majority of terrorist’s attacks performed around the world have been done by radical Islamic groups. And that is not by our own admission, but by their own admission.

Let’s face it, when an Islamic group comes forward to take responsibility for terrorist attacks, are they not radical Islamic terrorists? Why is it so hard for Obama to admit this? He even refuses to say ISIS, instead using the term ISIL. What gives Obama? I understand not wanting to throw every Muslim under the bus, but radical Islam is not referring to every Muslim.

Why Won’t Obama Say Terrorists?

Obama Catches Flaks from Troops, refuses to Say Radical IslamHe claims he doesn’t want to validate what the terrorists do. But it seems he’s more worried about upsetting and offending the terrorists, then standing up for America. More questions came from members in the crowd. One referring to women holding the same position as men in the military.

Obama defended women in the military which is a good thing, but refused the fact that having women on the front lines can cause problems. And when asked about Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem, Obama said, “honoring our flag and our anthem is part of what binds us together as a nation.”

What Dose Obama Say About Kaepernick?

And then he added, “it’s also their right” Claiming protestors angry about the recent police issues have a right to express themselves freely. So, once again he didn’t stand up for our country, in a roundabout way, as he usually does.

Thankfully, Obama is only in office for another six weeks or so. And if you’re an Obama supporter, sorry but I’m not sorry. There are serious issues when a president will not stand up for his country. And let’s do everything we can Trump supporters to see to it Trump wins. We literally cannot afford another 4-8 years of what’s been happening. And if Hillary gets in office, it could be a lot worse than it has been the last 8 years.

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