Experts Believe We Need To Be Stronger Against ISIS

ISIS | Photo Credit CNN Experts believe we need to crush ISIS in their heartland, which would include Syria and Iraq. Essentially, this means we need to step up and be on the offensive when it comes to a future war with ISIS.

The first step, of course, will be for everyone involved to stand behind Secretary of Defense James Mattis and President Trump. Both men and their surrounding parties want to end the war on terror above all else.

While the Left shouts climate change, the Right focuses on terror.

ISIS Needs To Be Defunded, Attacked Online

Retired Admiral James Stavridis reveals:

“We need to up our hard power game in Mosul and Raqqa. We’ve got to focus on special forces and precision-guided bombing, and using our allies (and Iraq). We’ve got to go after their finances. That’s cutting off the smuggling. Going after their cyber criminal activity (which we have not done before). That’s a huge way to really choke the money [that funds terror].”

“We’ve got to go at them very hard in the cyber world because they get a lot of their funding from that piece of it. If we take those steps, we are really going to be able to [end the war on terror].”

Winning The Cyber War With ISIS

Cyber Attack | Photo Credit News TimeDotCom

The Hill reports:

“To defeat ISIS, we need an entirely new strategy, one that takes on ISIS where it is highly effective — in cyberspace.”

“While ISIS continues to foment regional instability in the greater Middle East, its prowess online has made it a threat to Western nations, as well. ISIS focuses significant resources on cyberspace, where it has a global presence, using sophisticated techniques to electronically communicate with its far-flung sympathizers, spread its propaganda and recruit operatives around the world.”

“Online, ISIS is a technologically savvy, sophisticated, nimble organization that learns from its mistakes and from the actions of Western intelligence services that have sought to counter it.”

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