Donald Trump Spends Labor Day in Ohio With Hillary Clinton


Yesterday in Cleveland – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gave same day Labor Day speeches in Ohio. The competing presidential candidates even shared tarmacs at the airport for the first time in a long time. This is a critical month for both parties considering there is less than three months until the elections in November.

Trump and Pence both were preparing for their departure from the airport just as Hillary was arriving. Ohio is now a critical state in the fight for the presidency leading up to the general elections. The two nearly came face to face today. In fact, they were so close that Hillary’s motorcade forced Trump’s press corps to pull over.

It was an interesting day for the airport with all the presidential planes on the tarmac. It goes to prove how important Ohio is, the two nominees will be there often until the elections. Both Trevor and Hillary planned to take part in the Cleveland Labor Day Festival (More on that soon). Trump was seen with Democratic Mayor Tom Coyne, of Brooke Park. Coyne supported Trump during the springtime Republican Primary and will be voting for him in November.

Donald Trump 2Voters across the country are choosing the same decision as Mayor Tom Coyne. Countless Democratic voters are unhesitatingly supporting Trump rather than running the risk of Hillary taking office. Voters who haven’t voted in years are even coming out of the word works to show support for Trump. Another possible stop for Trump will be Youngstown Ohio.

The state of Ohio could be the deciding factor as to whether or not Trump will win. There has not been a Republican in history who has made their way into the White House without winning Ohio. Trump is also supported by Ohio’s Governor John Kasich. Trump and Clinton have been hard at it all summer and going back and forth.

Donald Trump Spends Labor Day in Ohio with Great Response

Clinton’s main concern with Trump is his temperament. Will be able to serve as commander and chief without making decisions that are too aggressive? Trump recently visited a black church in Detroit where he showed the public, the rumors of him being a racist are untrue. The last push for fulltime campaigning has now started.

September 26th will be a major date for the two candidates. It’s the date of the first presidential debate and will take place at Hofstra University in Hempstead New York. The most recent polls show Trump is slightly training Clinton. Trump has to win these next two months as well as the debate to take the lead in the polls.

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