Fox News Goes Full Liberal As THIS Host Slams President Trump

By Missy Jackson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-06-07

As Fox inked a new deal with Democratic strategist, Lisa Tarlov, rumors began to circulate that the Fox News Network was moving away from its conservative roots-and toward the liberal leanings of Rupert Murdoch’s children.

And then there’s Neil Cavuto…

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The ousting of the popular conservative host, Bill O’Reilly, was a sure sign that things weren’t looking too good for the future. Now throw in host Neil Cavuto’s segment, it just adds fuel to the fire. Cavuto devoted an entire broadcast to offering President Trump some “advice,” about his behavior.

Sadly, what is really was, was another liberal-esque bashing session. Allegedly responding to the president’s ongoing tweets about fake news and his response to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, over his lax attitudes to terrorism, Cavuto started out telling the president “he is the problem.” “Mr. President, it is not the fake news media that’s your problem. It’s you,” he said.

Yes, because staging a fake anti-ISIS Muslim protest isn’t a problem, right? It’s not fake just untruthful-which seems to be different to MSM. Cavuto continued his tirade positing that President Trump was “feeding [his own] beast” and “acting beastly with his own guys.” Then he had the nerve to accuse the president of…


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Let’s pause and think about that for a minute. So, when the president calls-out the press for not telling the truth, for their outright lies, he is scapegoating? What in the world would you call the media then, for blaming the president for everything that’s wrong in the world? And what exactly would you call a media story that has been proven as a complete false–a misunderstanding?

Unfortunately, Cavuto didn’t end his little tantrum there. He went on to urge the president to listen to his “allies.” “Use these critiques you’re now hearing from usually friendly and supportive allies as sort of like an intervention,” Cavuto cautioned. “Because firing off these angry missives and tweets risk your political destruction.”

And here we thought it was MSM who was out to destroy President Trump. Cavuto summed-up his moment in the spotlight by once again reiterating that his critics are not to blame. “They’re not the problem, Mr. President,” he said. “Like I said, these days, you are.” Somebody get that guy a mirror, please.

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