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During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump often spoke about the Iran-Nuclear deal, calling it the “worst deal in history.”  More recently, President Trump strongly condemned it and ordered a review of the Obama-era accord. In his remarks, the president blasted Iran for doing a “tremendous disservice” by not complying with the agreement.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also issued a strong statement noting that “although Iran is in compliance, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, as the deal is officially known, only delays Iran’s goal of becoming a nuclear state.” Tillerson also added that the Trump administration “has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration.” 

However, despite the condemnation, Iranian officials plan to renew their requests for a shipment of 950 tons of Uranium that was reportedly approved by Obama. Government sources that spoke with The Weekly Standard, revealed that Tehran plans to petition for the “yellowcake” next week in Vienna. The approved shipment was blocked by the United Kingdom late last year.

One can only wonder why Obama planned to allow Iran to purchase 950 tons of Uranium when his “deal” was allegedly meant to prevent them from developing…

Nuclear Weapons

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Iran’s renewed request for the Uranium will be President Trump’s first real test. At least one senior White House official has indicated that the president will prevent the shipment from happening saying, “I would certainly hope we would use all our leverage to prevent such a purchase by Iran.”

Iran’s proposal has met with strong resistance from Congress, especially from Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

“The Iranian regime remains an illegitimate nuclear actor, with international inspectors still unable to conclusively verify the absence of undeclared nuclear activities in Iran,” he told TWS. “Vetoing Iran’s proposal to buy 950 tons of uranium yellowcake from Kazakhstan should be a no-brainer. Iran does not need this nuclear material, which far exceeds its needs and could someday be further enriched for the purposes of nuclear weapons.”


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