When the left is calling for violence, or to use their word “resistance,” against the American president, we are going to tell the people about it. It’s not just our job, it’s our responsibility.

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In a recent op-ed piece for the Washington Post, Palestinian activist, Linda Sarsour, defended her call for non-violent jihad against President Trump and his administration, blaming the media for blowing it out of proportion. Because, you know, telling the truth is a cardinal sin in the minds of people like her. Sarsour said she used the terrorist term to mean “struggle” or “strive for.”

“In my speech, I sent not a call to violence, but a call to speak truth to power and to commit to the struggle for racial and economic justice,” wrote Sarsour. I was speaking to an all-Muslim audience. As an American, I should be free to share and discuss scripture and teachings of my beloved Prophet.” Sarsour is either woefully ignorant or a masterful liar.

Sarsour is either woefully ignorant or a masterful liar.

Photo credit: News Pipeline

Her “beloved Prophet,” is well-known for encouraging the death of “infidels” or non-believers. And the word “jihad” doesn’t exist in a non-violent form, regardless of its definition. Sarsour also expressed her concern that outrage over her statement would encourage policing of people over their faith.

“This term [jihad] has been hijacked by Muslim extremists and right-wing extremists alike, leaving ordinary Muslims to defend our faith and in some cases silenced,” Sarsour said. “It sets a dangerous precedent when people of faith are policed and when practicing their religion peacefully comes with consequences.” 

Speaking of the consequences of practicing religion, how about losing your bakery because you took a stand for your Christian faith? The fact that Christians are persecuted for their beliefs more than any other religion in the world is of little consequence to Sarsour.



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