Back in February, Jep Robertson announced that he’d be starting JEP’S SOUTHERN ROOTS, a food truck. 

Source Credit: When he first bought the food truck, it was sort of a shock to his wife, Jessica, as shown in an episode of their show, Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty.

“Surprise!” Jep said to Jessica as he stood inside of his empty food truck. “I got a food truck! I got a food truck!”

“I mean,” Jessica said, “You didn’t think you should, like, call and ask first?”

Yeah, and it didn’t do so well on its first day.

 On their opening day, they made $45. 

“This is a little bit harder than I thought it would be,” Jep said.

So the question remains: is the food truck still kicking, or did it kick the bucket?

Here’s what we know…

Jep still owns the trademark for JEP’S SOUTHERN ROOTS, so that’s good news. The trademark was actually filed in January 2017, which is no surprise as the episodes for Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty are filmed in advance. 

Jep owns the trademark for a “silhouette of a tree with dangling roots with superimposed words ‘JEP’S SOUTHERN ROOTS’ in a stylized font, to the right of which is a stem with three leaves.”

Jep’s Southern Roots (photo via Trademarkia)

We also know that by May 2017, things were apparently still not any different, as his food truck was still struggling. Despite this, Jep’s net worth was still $8 million.

However, we could not find any news on JEP’S SOUTHERN ROOTS, either good or bad. They do have, which uses almost the exact same trademarked emblem, but nothing on their site discusses the food truck.

This makes it seem like they may have given up on it because most businesses (especially restaurants and food trucks) have an online presence.

It seems JEP’S SOUTHERN ROOTS is either done for good or on a hiatus.

If you’ve eaten at their food truck or seen it around recently, let us know in the comments!

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