A 16-ft tall bronze statue of revolutionary communist, Vladimir Lenin, stands tall for the world to see in Seattle, WA. Credited with the creation of Soviet Socialist Republics and the implementation of a Marxist political ideology, Lenin is a reminder of everything America is not.

And yet, Lenin’s statue serves a more important purpose.

Photo credit: see-Seattle.com

It exposes the nefarious agenda of radical leftists.

The cultural cleansing of Southern heritage began when Dylan Roof murdered nine black parishioners in South Carolina. Roof was allegedly holding a Confederate flag (the authenticity of the photo has been questioned) in a Facebook post. It was this photo that inspired a nationwide call to remove Confederate symbols of “racism and intolerance.”

Those calls were renewed mid-August, after a protest in Charlottesville, VA descended into chaos and death. All Southern white conservatives have since been labeled as “white supremacists” who hold racist views. Extending beyond General Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy, however, cultural jihadists are now targeting George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

But, it’s who they aren’t targeting that tells the real story.

Vladimir Lenin didn’t believe in equality. He was a dictator who craved power and personally ordered the torture and murder of thousands during his “Red Terror” campaign. Among those executed were “peasants” and “workers.” In other words, the most vulnerable in society. Lenin went to great lengths to silence the opposition.

Next, we have the bronze bust of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, on proud display at the Smithsonian. There is ample evidence that Sanger embraced racism. Her only stated goal was to exterminate the black race. PP has murdered more blacks than the Confederacy and the KKK combined.

Photo credit: DownTrend

Now, why in the world would you not want Lenin and Sanger gone from history if you really want to eliminate memorials to racism and intolerance.

The answer is obviouls. That isn’t what Leftists want. So what is?

To create the United Socialist States of America?

How do they achieve that? Simple. You denounce Christianity as evil, capitalism as oppressive, call whites “supremacists,” and minorities “activists.”

Next, you revise history. Then, you commandeer the media, indoctrinate the children, and censor opposing viewpoints. Finally, you stand down the police, obfuscate laws, and take violence to the streets.

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