Clinton’s Excuses Doesn’t Hold Weight with Her Experience


Hillary has been under the spotlight for years because of her careless nature with classified documents.

She ran the State Department with so much carelessness people question her. And she is now being prosecuted for the death of two people who died in Benghazi. Also, Hillary admitted to handling several classified documents while being the first lady.

Clinton also had several classified cases she was responsible for when she was senator. The cases where mainly while she served on the Armed Services Committee. All her experience in the senate and as the first lady makes people wonder. Because it difficult to comprehend how she could be so careless while running the State Department. Could she really have been that naive?

Kelly Ayotte, a Republican in the State of New Hampshire says Clinton’s explanation of the situation is unreal. “She doesn’t come into this as your average person. The presidential nominee comes in as someone who served on the Armed Services Committee, who has been privy to classified information in the past before she became secretary of state, and by the way she was a former first lady,” stated Kelly.

It turns out Hillary was oblivious to the responsibility she held while Secretary. The FBI recently released several documents from a criminal investigation they performed on Hillary. The documents clearly showed, Hillary had no idea of her responsibilities and powers while running the State Department.

Clinton’s Excuses Doesn’t Hold Weight According to the Pros

Hillary could not remember one time she labeled a document as sensitive information to be classified. Throughout her time, she never distinguished between top secret, secret and confidential. Also, Clinton wasn’t even able to un-code the marks classifying the secretiveness of letters when asked to do so.

Clinton’s Excuses Don’t Hold Weight with Her ExperienceShe defended herself when asked recently about the situation, stating, “There were no headers on the thousands of emails that I sent or received. There just weren’t, and the FBI has not in any way contradicted that,” she told the network. “There were a couple of emails with a tiny ‘C’ in a parenthesis, which did not have a header saying that means ‘confidential’ in this circumstance and which the director of the FBI has said and the State Department has said those couple of emails were improperly marked, even with that. So, yes, I take classification seriously, and I think the record shows that I have.”

The FBI Confirmed there was multiple letters that were classified when she was running the show. Clinton shifted the blame to her aids. She said she trusted them to get the classifications right and since they were never marked, she never questioned them.

Former Senator Jim Talent remarked with, “It’s impossible to go through that experience without being aware that there are strict protocols.” Most on Capitol Hill who’ve gone through the documents said she most likely would have known based on her experiences alone.

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