In keeping with their “love and tolerance” narrative, left-wing bullies are now calling for more violence around the country. Labeling every white Conservative in America as a neo-Nazi, liberal protest groups are issuing a call-to-arms. Hiding under the guise of being “anti-hate activists”, they are setting their sights on more targets. Photo credit: The Base


Advising agitators to do the job they allege police won’t do-shutting down fascists-radical left groups are preparing for war. Frankly, nobody is safe. Remember, these are the same groups that have burned down businesses, rioted at UC Berkeley, and assaulted Trump supporters. They don’t like opposition and they don’t respect freedom and democracy.

The self-proclaimed anarchist group, CrimethInc, posted an online statement to supporters. “Charlottesville is just the beginning,” they wrote. “If the alt-right can get away with murder there, none of us will be safe. We have to stand up to white supremacists, we have to shut down and chase out these bigots every time they try to organize, or else they will kill more people.”

What’s both frightening and infuriating about their post, is that they aren’t interested in fighting true white supremacy. To be painfully honest, it is the tactics and groups like BLM and ANTIFA that have given rise to so-called white supremacy in 2017. Bigotry and hatred, of any kind, should never be tolerated by a civilized society.

The question is: Are we still a civilized society?

Photo credit: The New Observer

When free speech is silenced, history is destroyed, laws are obfuscated, and violent thugs are honored as “civil rights activists,” chaos can be the only result. The Revolutionary Abolition Movement, a name more fitting for 1817, praised leftists who allegedly defended Charlottesville. Their statement read in part:

“Our fighters showed daring and a willingness to risk their own safety for the sake of others, and we hold them in the highest regard. Due to their fortitude and unwavering determination, the anti-fascists held their ground and succeeded in stopping the rally. Though we will never know exactly how many lives were saved by their actions, it is clear that without resistance to their fascist terror many more would have been harmed.”

In other words, violence and hatred begets violence and hatred? A look back on history tells us that ideology never ends well.









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