THIS Conservative College Plans To Open A Gun Range On Campus!

Gun Range | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons This conservative campus has a different kind of “safe space”…

Liberty University in Virginia made headlines last year when they announced that students with concealed handgun permits would not only be able to bring their weapons on campus, but also, keep their guns in their dorm rooms.

Now Liberty has made the news once more, which has liberals up in arms (pardon the pun).

Reports state that the university’s request to build a shooting range has been approved by the Campbell County Board of Supervisors…

Oh, And There Will Be State-of-the-Art Facilities…

Gun Range | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

With only one abstaining vote…. the board approved with a 6-0 majority, the new 3-million-dollar facility which will rest on the 500 acres of Liberty-owned property.

This land resides on Camp Hydaway Road.

It will be a massive, state-of-the-art facility with the capacity to accommodate any Olympic shooting sport, and it will be open to students as well as law enforcement officials and community members…

Are you excited?

Helping The Community

Gun Range | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Also, the range will also help the local Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, which hasn’t been able to afford a shooting range. Outside of some potential noise concerns, little fuss was made in the community.

If any issues do arise, Liberty University Planning Coordinator, Brad Butler, said he would work with the Virginia Department of Transportation on future concerns. “We have the same concern for safety up and down those roads,” confirmed Butler.

 Campbell County Supervisor Eric Zeher said, “Liberty University has done an amazing job of trying to be a great neighbor. They’ve built things into this plan that will keep the noise down. They’ve built things into this plan to keep people safe.”

Do you agree that proper gun training is the safest measure for all?

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