1Are Anti-Trump Employees Choosing Joining Welfare Over Companies With Ties To Trump?

Trump Campaign | Photo Credit Market Watch

Breitbart reports that the CEOs President Trump has gathered are facing backlash from employees who do not support POTUS. CEO Ginni Rometty of IBM, for example, congratulated Trump only to be hit with comments about civil liberties.

Rometty’s former employee, Elizabeth Wood wrote an open letter on Medium. She wrote, “The choice to leave IBM did not come lightly. I am not leaving for another offer, nor do I have a safety net to fall back on. What I do have is the knowledge that my own life — and those of the several hundred thousand who serve your company worldwide — are too valuable to waste at an organization where we are not respected…” 

Despite what she thinks she’s teaching those who read her letter online, she’s likely doing the opposite.

IBM isn’t the only place suffering from snowflake meltdowns.

Leftist Job Applicants Cancelling Interviews 

Job Applicant | Photo Credit Huffington Post

Other CEOs like Uber’s Travis Kalanick ended up turning down offers to work with Trump due to the backlash from employees. Some interviews have even been canceled once a potential employee finds out that the company supports Trump.

Bloomberg writes, “A 39-year-old lawyer canceled an interview at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius after reading that the Philadelphia firm had handled Trump’s ethics and conflicts-of-interest compliance and won a ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’ award.”

So what are these people like “Ms. Holli Wood” doing instead?

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