BREAKING: The Most SHOCKING News About Illegal Immigrants… It’s HERE!


Registered to Vote

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Looks like some more bad news has just come out, proving that the liberal media was wrong– as usual. However, it is also good news, because it proves once again that President Trump was right.

Ohio’s Secretary of State, John Husted, just revealed that almost 100 illegal immigrants voted last year. Even worse, is the fact that almost 500 more are registered to vote. And CNN said it was impossible–go figure. Let’s do some math.

Say that every state has 500 non-citizens registered to vote. That would total 25,000 illegal votes. Now we know that is not close to 2 or 3 million. However, the chance of there only being 500 illegals voting in places like New York and California- is slim to none.

Regardless of the actual number, which we will likely never know, this is proof positive that it is happening. A truth that Democrats and mainstream media have been very content to ignore.

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This also supports what President Trump did for the state of Texas just a few days ago. His DOJ, headed by Jeff Sessions, withdrew WH opposition to Texas’ voter ID law. A law that Obama viewed as being…

Discriminatory Against Minorities

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Rosa Marie Ortega, an illegal immigrant in Texas, recently received eight years in prison for voter fraud. The biggest problem the left has with voter ID laws is that they claim they unfairly target poor people and minorities. It’s no coincidence that these two groups tend to vote Democrat. 

It has never mattered that a photo ID is required for almost every legal or financial transaction a person makes–like getting welfare for instance. They certainly can’t recognize their own hypocrisy, even when they have to pull it out of their wallet.

In 2014, a North Carolina NAACP chapter organized a protest against the state’s voter ID law. And low and behold, protestors had to show photo ID to participate. Secretary Husted has turned over the names of the illegals who voted to law enforcement for prosecution. They could receive up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

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