SPOILER ALERT: Jim Parsons Just Posted Exclusive Shots… Fans Are Going Crazy


Jim Parsons Behind The Scenes

This week Jim Parsons has been particularly active on Instagram. He actually posted some exclusive behind the scenes photos from The Big Bang Theory set. We TBBT fans, love to see what goes on off camera. Here are his best shots from this week.

Here are his best shots from this week.

Hitting The Sack

photo by @therealjimparsons via instagram.com

Jim posted this photo of him and Mayim Bialik in their TBBT bed on set. He wrote, “Back in the sack with Miss Mayim.” We’re not sure what episode this is for, Amy and Sheldon’s bedroom scenes always make for the best comedy.

Oscars Eve

photo by @therealjimparsons via instagram.com

Jim will be attending the Oscars on February 26th with the cast of Hidden Figures. Here he celebrated the night before at a dinner out with his partner Todd, and friend Melissa McNeeley.

Sneaky Selfies

photo by @therealjimparsons via instagram.com

Jim Parsons is known for taking sneaky selfies while filming. Here he is in his on-screen home. He wrote, “Lounging. In “Sheldon and Amy’s apartment”… still not used to that!”

Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid

photo by @therealjimparsons via instagram.com

Parsons posted another behind the scenes shot- this time from his radio show Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid For Politics. He wrote that he was, “talking about media and it’s relation to our government.”

Sheldon In The Spot

photo by @therealjimparsons via instagram.com

Jim took yet another selfie in Sheldon’s special spot. He wrote, “Changed lounging spots. To “the spot.” (Yes, this is a tape night… I was just finished with all my scenes early… idle hands…?)”

We hope he keeps this habit up; We love seeing these exclusive behind the scenes selfies.

Do you enjoy Jim Parsons’ Instagram posts?

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