1Is blind trust ever a good thing when it comes to money?

Ivanka Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Since the election, the left has been putting their heads together to think up ways to rob Donald Trump of the presidency. This includes asking celebrities to make YouTube videos and just not acknowledge him as president.

In their most recent attempt, Congresswoman Katherine Clerk has introduced a bill that will impact both Trump and his children. Occupy Democrats reported Clark’s H.R. 6340, which is the “Presidential Accountability Act.”

Let’s talk about “accountability…


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  • Steve Menice Sr.

    If this was without precedent, how can you justify doing it to President E Trump? This is nothing more than revenge by the liberals for losing the election.

  • Tyrell Sacket

    Another silly assed attempt to justify the democratic party you looser’s don’t have a fucking clue its not about you any more new congress new house good luck get that slop passed don’t you know the meaning of irrelevant ?

  • b.oakley.907

    But Clark is okay with Obama growing his personal wealth from $1,000,000 in 2008 to $15,000,000 during his tenure as POTUS? Come on now…

  • MOE

    Show me in the past where others have done this. All those assholes need to get out of this country as they are the ones bringing us down.

  • Darrell Kendall

    he said he was turning all his business over to his kids to run so it wouldnt be a conflict of interest so whats the big deal they just still a bunch cry babies

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