SHOCKING: Ted Cruz Announces MASSIVE Unreported 50 Percent Drop In…


Senator Ted Cruz Applauds Trump’s Efforts

Ted Cruz | Photo Credit CPAC

Recently, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz celebrated President Trump’s effort to decrease border crossings from Mexico. The Blaze reported that Cruz announced a major drop in illegal immigration since Trump stepped into the White House.

Senator Cruz took the stage with conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin to discuss illegal immigration. “Since Inauguration Day, illegal crossings have dropped 50 percent (in the Rio Grande section of the border).”

Cruz spoke with the U.S. Border Patrol about these issues and they reiterated how successful things have been since Trump took office. 

Cruz Asks Why News Doesn’t Report Decline

Ted Cruz | Photo Credit CPAC

Senator Cruz also brought up how the media has avoided reporting on the decrease in illegal immigration. Cruz announced, “Oddly enough, you and I have not seen that on the six o’clock news.”

Cruz has joined the Border Patrol on airborne patrols so he has a firsthand experience of the agents are working to keep America safe. Cruz also rode patrol on a gunboat to check the Rio Grande River for illegals crossing.

Border Patrol confirmed they are now better prepared to perform their job. This means working on land, air, and sea.

Border Patrol Finally Able To Do Their Jobs

Ted Cruz | Photo Credit CPAC

The Border Patrol told Cruz that there wasn’t one specific thing that was helping decrease illegal immigration, but they believed it was because they could “finally, finally, finally enforce the laws.”

This means working to enforce the air, land, and sea. Once Trump’s wall is constructed, more than likely, these stats will continue to rise. Trump is doing everything he can to help national security.

President Trump’s efforts have already started to work and it’s only been 30 days in office. Imagine what he can do with four years.

What do you think about Cruz applauding Trump’s efforts?

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