U.S. Fires 60 Tomahawk Missiles

Sample Tomahawk | Photo Credit YouTube

The U.S. sent out 60 tomahawk missiles on two Syrian air force bases and 59 of the 60 hit their targets. These air force bases are two areas where chemicals are believed to be held.

One statement from Navy Captain Jeff Davis said, “The strike was intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again.” The first question about this attack, of course, will be whether or not Syria chooses to retaliate.

Possible Retaliation From Syria

Conor Powell reports:

“We hear mixed messages here. I’m not sure the Russians or the Assad Regime know how they are going to report [to U.S. airstrikes]. It’s important to point out that multiple times in the last few years that Israel has struck in Syria with their jets when they believed that the Assad Regime was transferring weapons.

“In all of these strikes, the Assad Regime has not responded against Israel. So they’ve almost had to allow for these airstrikes to happen, even though the Assad Regime and Russia are not happy about them. If very possible, that since the Assad Regime is battling rebels and other groups in Syria, that they may not have the ability to respond.”

Russia’s Interventions With Syria

Russian influenceHarry Reid claims Russian infuence on the election helped get Donald Trump elected. Phot credit: Newsweek

According to USA Today:

“Iranian militias are in Syria and Russia has been backing the Assad regime with military strikes since 2015. Russia’s intervention has turned the tide of the six-year-old civil war in Assad’s favor. The U.S. military notified Russian forces of the strike before it was launched, Davis said. The U.S. military used the communications line that Russia later suspended.

“A limited strike also reduces the chance of drawing the U.S. into another major war or causing Assad’s regime to collapse, creating a power vacuum that could be filled by the Islamic State or other extremists in Syria. “U.S. military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield,” Davis said.”

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