How Can a Large Dog Breed Turn into an Abnormally Huge Pit Bull Hulk?


[VIDEO:] The couple who owns Pit Bull Hulk has been offered over $500,000 – but the giant dog is priceless…

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Owning sensationally different dogs, particularly Pit Bulls, comes with a price. Taking care of them needs to be a priority, like taking care of your own flesh and blood. Creating a regular meal schedule is healthy for the canine and organizes you.  This allows applies if you have a Pit Bull Hulk.

Hulk, weighing in at 175 lbs, is believed to be the world’s largest pit bull. Owners, Marlon and Lisa Grennan, are from New Hampshire. Their son Jordan and Hulk were play mates ever since they were younger lads!

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Marlon and Lisa attested that Hulk is balanced and gentle, making him a good nanny dog.  “No matter what the breed, it is a hundred percent how you raise them”; Lisa added. They; however, did not deny hat their pet’s size is intimidating.  That alone could definitely cause serious injury for someone; but fear not.  You just need to know how to play with such large dogs!

Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls

Is Hulk being fed with the best dog food for pit bulls?

“Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food”, according to research, is the best. It cures skin irritations and coat allergies. This is ideal for maintaining your dog’s shiny coat and blemish-free skin. The dog will not be overfed with this choice. Their stomach will always feel full.  But Hulk is so big, is he fed this?

Pit Bull

Is Hulk Over fed?

Pit Bull Hulk is almost three-times the size of a normal American pit bull terrier. Each day he is fed a diet rich in protein with various supplements and about 4lbs of ground beef.

The couple is also maintaining a healthy feeding routine for their pit bull star. They limit treats by giving him only three or four treats a week, max. His treats will depend on his exercise routine for that day.  This is deliberately designed to still maintain his massive weight.  With Hulk’s massive food intake and matching exercise, his health isn’t put at risk.

General Rule

As a general rule of thumb, an adult pit bull’s feeding routine should depend on the amount of exercise the dog gets.  Aside from Hulk’s regular outdoor training with Lisa, he also plays with other dogs in their kennel. This is in addition to his nanny duties with Jordan: letting him ride on his back (giddy-up horsey!) and chasing him around.

Sources: Buzfeed/ Express