BEST PLACES FOR YOUR PITBULL TO SWIM The summer is almost over, but don’t count on the hot days to be gone any time soon. June has been the 14th consecutive hottest month ever recorded in history, so yeah, you and your dog will require something to cool off in the immediate future.

Sprinklers are all fun and cool, but your dog really needs to experience a full water immersion on a hot day. Imagine yourself sweating on a hot summer day in a subway having an extra 5 inches of cold-resilient fur on you. That doesn’t sound good, does it? So, how do you deal with this?

Here are our top 5 places for you and your dog to cool off:

  • Get inside the bath!

A good old bath will do just fine. Just fill it up and let your dog take care of the rest. Some might say that ‘it’s not a place for a dog to be’, but you simply have to sympathize with your pets and let them stay in their comfort zone. Overheating can cause serious damage and discomfort to your pet!

  • Get your own pool!

Ever seen those inflatable things? It will literally take you 5 minutes to get one up and ready to host dogs, cats, whatever you have there as a super-efficient pool. Heck, you can get your kids in there or store drinks in the cool water. Try not to do all simultaneously, though.

  • Storm the public pools!

This one is the trickiest of all, as you can imagine what the regulations are when it comes to pets and public places. However, try your luck, check in with different governmental or private pools in your area and try to find ones that will be alright with your bringing a pet alongside.

  • Investigate dog parks

Yep, some of those do have specially designed dog/cat swimming pools! To be honest, most of them even look like more thoughts were put into their making compared to some pools for humans. Not that we’re jealous…

  • Public beach

This is arguably the champion of summer/early autumn places to refresh at. And the thing is – even if the regulations ban swimming there with dogs, just go further, man! And if that wouldn’t work – rent a boat and go into an open ocean, lake, river, as far from the coast line (and coastguard) as you can get. Granted, this is not the best advice from safety point of view, but hey, it will show ‘em with the rules and regulations. Plus, you’ll definitely have a great time with your pet!

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