[VIDEO:] Just 80 seconds of naughty Rottweiler puppies playing around. See if this inspires you to take care of one.

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Satisfaction can easily lure dog owners to purchase a puppy right away. Now that it’s yours, give it the warmest welcome by house-training it!

Keep an eye out: Your puppy’s body language will inform you if it wants to pee or poop. Sniffing intensely, circling and finally squatting are the key signs!

Build a Steady Routine – It Works!

Like any other puppies, your new Rottweiler puppy can master a habit if you let him do it repeatedly. Show him around the house. First and foremost, start by taking him to his potty area. Set up a regular schedule for toilet breaks, meal-time, play-time, and sleep.  You should start early with your pup – 7 weeks old is the ideal time.

By being clear with instructions and consistent with your plan, the eager pup will start to follow through. This will save you from clearing up his mess later.

Pick the Perfect Potty Area

Spot a grassy area outdoors. The key is doing this at the same time every day. This will help in establishing a habit with your pup – try after meals.  Here are some more tips:

  • use the same door each time
  • a potty training doorbell attached to this door can help
  • show the puppy how to ring the bell a few times
  • assign a verbal signal for “time to go potty!”

“Potty-ing” Inside the House

Using a crate can be a life-saver!  It’s a great alternative when the puppy can’t use the typical potty area outdoors.  It will also teach the little one to be responsible with controlling its “time to go”!

Older and Easier to Manage

Your little puppy will need to go often – it’s normal.  Make sure to take them out at least twice a day, and before bedtime.

As the puppy grows up, it will be able to control that “time to go” better.  You should maintain a potty schedule of at least two times!

Accidents can happen, make sure the puppy knows it’s a mistake.

Here’s what to do should your puppy did not get it right to stop the bad habit:

  1. Scoop the feces away.  Show the puppy your disapproval and and give them a firm “No”; while leading them to the right spot.
  2. The mistake and its traces must be eliminated using an enzymatic cleaner.  That will help remove the scent.
  3. Do not smack your pup or rub its nose into the mess!
  4. Never scold the puppy if you haven’t caught them in the act.  The puppy will just be confused about what the punishment is for.

Words of wisdom: Be patient.  Be vigilant. Be consistent.  Be realistic.

Sources: dkvrottweillers/ guardianrottweillers




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