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A&E May Disassociate Themselves From Duck Dynasty Entirely.. Maybe No More Re-Runs?!

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-01-20

Early Seasons of Duck DynastyJust this week A&E began its replays of Duck Dynasty, starting from season 1 and moving on to 2.

The cancellation of the show after 10 seasons, is the sudden reason for the replays being aired. A&E has not claimed as to why they are making this decision. According to many viewers, media channels and critics, the cancellation is on horizon because of Uncle Phil’s political views on topics like religion and sexuality.

They may not even play replays ever again on A&E. It’s a possibility. 

If the reason A&E decided to cancel the show rests on Phil Robertson’s political views, why would they allow the replays to air and encourage them to watch them?

That doesn’t sound like it makes much sense because support is support regardless of whether or not they’re new episodes or older episodes filmed years ago.

This brings to light as well the freedom of religious belief in this country. Are people going to start being reprimanded and punished in their line of work for holding specific political beliefs and religious beliefs? Isn’t that a form of discrimination and aren’t there laws put in place to protect people from that type of thing happening.

Religious and political freedom are part of what makes this country great.

If a man who is well respected by many isn’t allowed to voice his beliefs, instead being punished for them when others are openly burning the flag in public, what’s this country coming to? People oftentimes point the fingers at others like Phil Robertson, forgetting that when you point the finger you have three more pointing back at you.

Duck Dynasty Early EpisodesIn any case, it seems unfair that A&E would continue to air past seasons and episodes of Duck Dynasty if they have actually cancelled the show because of Phil’s beliefs. It’s a bit of a two faced move and make me wonder about the network altogether. But then again, these are just gossip speculations from the internet and A&E has still yet to release or disclose any information as to why they might disassociate themselves from the show in the first place.

The entire cast of Duck Dynasty can be seen all over the news and the media.

Phil has begun staring in Christian films, Willie has been on a campaign across America in support of Donald Trump and Sadie is involved in her own Philanthropic ventures, preparing for nationwide tour starting this month on the 22nd of September. As for uncle Si, no word has been heard from him, although I suspect he’s doing just fine down in the fine state of Louisiana. For more information on the family’s future, check here often for updates. And make sure to like, share and comment below with your thoughts on the matter.

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