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Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory has thrown some great episodes at us!  Last week’s episode 10 left us with Bernadette going into labor.  Sheldon and Leonard also accepted that they will be living apart from now on.  We may not think of the future possibilities for the show when watching an episode.  But will episode 10 and 11 change the future of The Big Bang Theory?  Here is what I think.

Everyone is Settling Down

We first get a glimpse of Leonard and Sheldon beginning to live essentially separate lives.  But now we see Howard and Bernadette having a baby!  It is a happy time.  And I am sure all of the fans watching the show cannot help but think, “They are all grown up!”  Well, that is both good and bad.

Character development is an essential part of all television shows.  But, with development unfortunately also brings a climax and a decline.  I think it is safe to say that the show is past its climax.  But the characters all settling down informs us of something bigger.  It takes away part of the show’s conflict.  Their search for companionship is coming to a close.  And essentially, they “made it” through alright.  Who can ask for a happier ending? 

Will Baby Displace the Social Circle?

We all know how important social roles are in this show.  In particular, they’re important to Sheldon.  With a baby comes more responsibility and less freedom for Howard and Bernadette.  Of course, I’m not saying parenting has to be boring, but their interaction with the other characters will be affected.

futureHoward and Bernadette talking to Raj in their kitchen in Season 10 by seat42f.com

The end of episode 10 left Stuart and Raj caring for Bernadette.  How will the baby affect the two of them?  Will Raj feel even more alienated and grow closer to Stuart?  Will him and Stuart fight over who gets to do what?  Or will the four adults all gel together into some weird family unit?  Another possibility is that Raj goes off to find his own woman now that Howard has another person taking up his affections.

Stuart and Raj appear to have overcome their feud.  But a baby can change a lot of things.  I think we’re all hoping that Raj finds a new lady friend to settle down with soon.  As season 11 approaches and threatens to be the last, we do not want to see Raj left hanging!

Episode 11 will reveal more than most fans are prepared to believe.  Hopefully, our characters are ready to tighten their friendships.

What do you think will happen after Bernadette has her baby?

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