The Big Bang Theory Episode 10 Review and Recap


This Review and Recap Contains Spoilers

The long dry spell is over. Last night at 8/7 central we all tuned into CBS to finally catch the latest Big Bang Theory. And like any devoted fan, I’m here with reviews, speculation, rumors! For your convenience, I wanted to provide a review and recap of what happened on the latest episode.

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A Surreal Episode

I’ll start by saying the episode was quite solid in the joke department. My longstanding criticism of the show has normally revolved around its jokes. Most of them are just name drops of a show, book, comic, or scientific idea. Name drops are not jokes.

But the witty back-and-forth between characters was spot on. Plenty of genuinely funny moments with a vibrant dynamic to go off of.

But, the episode did feel a bit surreal.

A Big Change

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The episode has Sheldon moving out of his apartment, the one he’s lived in with Leonard since the show’s beginning. This means the two are trying to split up stuff they “mutually own.” Of course, it starts to go wrong when Sheldon’s taking all the good stuff.

We’ve seen these characters in the same setting for years. And now they’re moving. Not to another state, no. But Sheldon’s in Penny’s apartment. Now he lives with Amy. Leonard and Penny are in the old apartment! It’s all backward and forwards making it strange to watch. 

It’s a significant change, is the point. And for a while, watching the characters argue, fight, and spite each other was sad. They resisted the change just like the audience couldn’t believe it.

Side Plots

This wasn’t all, though. The B plot for the episode had Raj and Stuart trying to “help” Bernadette and Howard. Stuart was apparently evicted, looking for somewhere to crash. Raj, however, wasn’t too keen on another third wheel moving in on his territory.

But again, this all promised significant changes to the show. Is Stuart going to move in with the couple? What’s Raj going to do? In the future?

Spoilers Ahead

The crowning moment of the show was Bernadette going into labor. While Sheldon and Leonard patch things up (with special guest Christopher Lloyd), the end of the episode had Bernadette getting ready to head to the hospital.

Now we’re in real game-changer territory. The main characters have moved into different apartments. Some characters like Stuart have moved in with others. A baby is on the way.

Holy heck, is this the same show?

Final Thoughts

For all the big shifts this episode promised, I have to say it’s a great one. The jokes hit their marks; the characters had some touching moments, and the show feels like it’s changing rapidly. In fact, if season 11 wasn’t being renewed, I imagine the writing was set up for this to be the last season.

Thanks for joining us for our review and recap. How did you react to the episode? Do you have similar thoughts? Let us know!