Bernadette, Baby Bumps, and Good Story Telling


It’s been eight months (in real time) since Bernadette found out she was expecting on The Big Bang Theory. But it wasn’t until last week’s episode that viewers finally got a glimpse of her baby bump.

But now it seems Bernadette’s pregnancy is right on track. Based on photos from “The Hot Tub Contamination,” Bernadette may be at around six months pregnant. “I think it will be this year,” executive producer Steve Molaro told Glamour regarding Bernadette’s due date. Whether he means the 2016 calendar year or the 10th season of Big Bang (which runs until May 2017) remains to be seen. Still, he says, “We’re trying to keep it vaguely chronologically correct.” That potentially means a delivery date in time for New Year’s Eve.


As for Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, wearing the bump has certainly had its advantages. “The fake bump doubles as a pretty sturdy shelf,” she joked to us. “I rest my script on there, which is a nice hands-free bonus.” But getting fitted for a TV baby bump isn’t as simple a process as one might think. “We’ve been doing a lot of fittings,” explains Rauch. “Because I’m so short, the bumps need to be adjusted and customized to fit my body so that it doesn’t look like the bump is coming out of my knees!”

The big plot line surrounding Bernadette’s pregnancy has been a milestone when it comes to issues being covered in a television series. Bernadette has stated that she is not particularly fond of children. However, she was open to having them because of Howard.

But that’s not all. Bernadette’s story went even further by showcasing the vulnerability she feels in the workplace. Bernie works in a male dominated field, so she has always felt this pressure. Unfortunately, the pregnancy makes this even worse when she almost loses a good opportunity. Of course, Bernadette is a strong woman and plays to her strengths. So, everything works out in the end.

Despite the result, this is still a side of pregnancy that we don’t really get to see on television. Usually, when a women becomes pregnant on a sitcom, her reaction is of joy and eagerness. We don’t really get to see a pregnant woman on the other side of the spectrum. A woman that is less at ease.

Let me make something else perfectly clear. Just because Bernadette is uneasy about child rearing doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care. She does want to be a good mother. In fact, she lives in fear that her feelings on the subject will hinder her abilities as a mother. But the fact that she can acknowledge her feelings and still want to be a good mother, puts her on the right track.

I am really looking forward to see how both of the Wolowitzes will take on parenthood. I’m sure that everyone can’t wait to find out what the gender and baby’s name will be. I am also dying for an episode where the other guys babysit as well. Are you looking forward to the baby? Tell us in the comments below.

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