Daryl Wants Walkers To Attack Negan’s Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer just hit Comic Con in San Diego and there are a lot of predictions that can be made based on the trailer, the comic book, and some other online fan prediction after Season 7 of the AMC series.

As such, as have “21 Predictions for Season 8 On The Walking Dead” based on the initial trailer from Comic Con. As one of our big predictions, it’s clear that Daryl is rounded up some walkers for some reason.

We believe he’s going to use them to attack the Saviors.

Moving The Herd Of Flesh-Eaters

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on a few seconds of footage in the trailer, Daryl has got some bombs spread out in a bread-crumb-like trail. As he calmly drinks water and waits for the walkers to approach him, he gets read to escort them somewhere.

In the comic book, Rick Grimes used walkers to attack the Sanctuary, so this is likely what’s going to happen early on in Season 8 of The Walking Dead. Daryl uses fire to make sure they keep moving in the right direction.

He spreads out small bombs as he leads them on his motorcycle. This is similar to when they had to move away a herd a few seasons ago.

Preparing For “Tomorrow…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In another scene, we see Tara and Carol sitting together on an overpass. Underneath, hundreds of walkers move slowly down the freeway. Daryl later passes Carol on the open road.

It’s unclear exactly what’s going to happen next, but we also see Dwight receive a note that simply reads, “Tomorrow.” If they’re working together, which they likely are, this may represent an attack on the Sanctuary.

Hopefully whatever happens next is equally explosive as all of the bombs Daryl is setting off just to get the walkers headed towards the Saviors.

What do you think of this plan from Daryl and Rick to attack the Saviors?

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