NASCAR driver Aric Almirola, who was recently in a dangerous crash, is pissed off about a photo of him circling the internet. Aric Almirola is not happy (photo via After he, Danica Patrick, and Joey Logano were involved in a terrifying crash on the track, the press was all over the aftermath. And now he’s firing back.

In a recent press conference held by NASCAR, he let everyone know how he felt about the photo of him getting helped by paramedics moments after the accident. He suffered a spinal injury, which are very dangerous and can be fatal.

One reporter piped up, asking Almirola what he thought of the photo.

“There was a lot of debate on social media about the image taken of you getting out of the car,” the reporter asked. “I was wondering what your thoughts were about that?” 

That’s when the racer let loose.

“I’m pretty pissed off about it to be honest with you,” Almirola said. “I wasn’t gonna talk about it unless somebody asked.” 

He said it was “extremely unprofessional” of the press to take and use that photo.

“They have no medical expertise whatsoever,” he continued. “They had no idea what was wrong with me. They didn’t know if I was bleeding to death, they didn’t know if I was paralyzed — they didn’t know anything! But they used it as an opportunity to go and snap some pictures of me. They were literally three feet away from me.”

He then puts things in perspective, pointing out the ends and how they don’t justify the means.

“Whatever, if they got $500 for selling it to USA Today, I hope they enjoy that $500 because they had no idea when I got pulled out of the race car if they were gonna see a pool of blood all over my uniform or if my legs were gonna be attached,” he said fiercely.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., a friend of Almirola’s, tweeting the photo and saying it was in bad taste to take the photo.

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