Since season ten of the Big Bang Theory is well upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to back track just a little bit. Just in case someone out there missed the last couple of episodes from season nine and is a little confused about where we are now. So, we’re having ourselves a recap!

After all, my dad, who is a very big fan of the show, missed the premiere episode. He’s also a very hard working man that doesn’t get a lot of sleep. As they say, life happens. Love you, dad! Onto the recap!

The Line Substitution Solution Recap

Leonard has Penny pick his mother, Beverly, up at the airport. So that he can avoid her and then attend a Q&A. Real nice, Leonard. Dump your mother on your woman. Penny tries to bond with her, but is subjected to her analytical and condescending remarks. She gets even more upset when Amy and Bernadette talk science, bonding in front of her.

Beverly offers to interview Amy, Bernadette, and their significant others for a new book on high-achieving couples. But sees no point in interviewing Leonard and Penny. By now, Penny has had enough and expresses her feelings of being insulted. Beverly reveals that she herself was insulted when nobody invited her to or even told her about Leonard and Penny’s wedding. Penny suggests they have another small ceremony for Beverly, and they bond. Yay! Happy things!

Sheldon hires Stuart to go shopping with Amy for him so he can keep his own place in line for the Q&A session with the guys. Why is everyone dumping other people on their loved ones?

Amy is annoyed and pays Stuart to yell at Sheldon. She also rejects Sheldon sending Stuart with flowers and an apology. Stuart holds Sheldon’s place in line while Sheldon goes to quickly apologize to Amy himself. However, Sheldon’s experience is ruined when another man joins his friends in the line ahead of Sheldon and nobody else gets upset about him “cutting.” But at least Sheldon and Amy make up.

The Convergence Convergence Recap

Gather around the wedding tableGather around the wedding table

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Leonard and Penny announce their second wedding ceremony and conflict arises between Leonard’s parents, Beverly and Alfred. Sheldon has also invited his mother Mary. Beverly and Mary are distant with each other, while Beverly and Alfred bicker. While the Hofstadters gripe at each other during dinner, Mary and Alfred bond over their dislike of Beverly and leave early, since they are staying at the same hotel. Sheldon and Leonard are later worried when neither parent will answer their phones that night, though Penny is amused at the thought that their parents are becoming closer.

When Howard and Raj get an e-mail from the U.S. Air Force about the newly completed guidance system, Howard fears the government is after them. Due to negative portrayals of them in the media. Bernadette tries to convince him that he is paranoid, but Howard’s fears increase when he sees a car following them to dinner. Howard is unaware that it is Leonard and Penny. His attempt to evade them causes him to drive recklessly, and he is pulled over by a policeman for a sobriety test.

If anyone would like me to quickly recap other episodes, I would be more than happy to oblige, Just let me know the season and episode. I am aware that there is DVDs and the Internet, where you can actually watch the episodes. But like I said before, life happens. Sometimes a quick recap will have to do.

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