The Duck Dynasty family has never shied away from speaking on prayer and faith.  The Duck Commander CEO is no exception.  Below we dissect quotes by Willie Robertson on prayer and faith.

Bold Move- Willie Robertson’s RNC speech

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Many have taken note on Willie Robertson’s presidential endorsement of Donald Trump.  The endorsement had caused quite the controversy, even dividing the family at one point when Phil Robertson supported Ted Cruz.  Willie made a bond move when he began his Republican National Convention Speech with a prayer.  Robertson said, “Father, we’re so thankful and blessed to be in this country…and father tonight we want to pray that you keep us safe.”  He went on to say, “We love you through Jesus, Amen.”  Many were shocked at this public display of religion.  However, the prayer was well received by the many conservatives in the audience.

He Speaks of Christian Criticism

A show that aims to spread the Christian religion is bound to gain criticism.  However, Willie was surprised to find that many Christians themselves were the ones casting judgment on the show.  In an interview with Sports Spectrum Magazine Willie says he believes whatever ends up on the show is in the hands of God.  “A lot of the flack we’ve got is from Christian people,” Robertson said.  “God’s in control he’s putting it out there.  You question him if you question what should be on there.”

Keeping “In Jesus Name”

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The family came under fire for ending their prayers, “In Jesus’s name, amen.”  Many people believed the prayer on television should be all inclusive to many religions.  The Robertsons, including Willie, disagreed.  They believe that Jesus is an integral part of their faith, and they fought to keep his name on their television program.

“As far as my praying to Jesus, my life and my whole eternity belongs to God. The money, fame, success, temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus, that’s eternal.”

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Willie told that his faith and prayer are the most important part of his life.  Fame is fleeting, but the family’s belief in Christ and Christianity is what will last.  The quote, “As far as my praying to Jesus, my life and my whole eternity belongs to God.  The money, fame, success, temporary.  Even life is temporary.  Jesus, that’s eternal,” comes from a scene in the film God is Not Dead.  Willie and Korie Robertson made an appearance in the film.  They played themselves and spoke to a reporter about the prayer controversy on their show.

Willie Believes Others Should Follow Suit

Willie also told Fox News he believes other Christians should follow his family’s example and create their own Christian based content.  “Well, I guess [‘Duck Dynasty] is the most watched reality show in the history of cable so if that comes along with being religious that’s fine,” explained Willie. “Maybe other people should try and start making shows like that.”  Time will tell if the trend catches on!

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