After an unheard of death within Robert Kirkman’s comic, fans are curious about what will happen next.

Despite the backstory, it’s likely that everyone is wondering, who is this new female assassin?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics Charlie Adlard drew the cover, which was colored by Dave Stewart. Issue 171 features a completely new character to The Walking Dead universe, which is entitled, 171: Fear the Princess.

Presumably, the “Princess” is packing a machine gun.

New Character May Mean New Group

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Comic Book writes:

“This new character matches some trends in The Walking Dead comics. Kirkman has taken liberties in creating extravagant characters which other writers might deem risks, such as King Ezekiel who first appeared in Issue #108, dressed and speaking as a King and keeping a loyal tiger as a pet.”

“This new woman, though her group is unknown, fits into a similar category as Ezekiel given her blown out hair, fluffy pink jacket, and goggles. This is, almost certainly, the introduction of a brand new group. The character on this cover has never been seen before and given how well put together she appears to be, it’s safe to say she hasn’t kept herself this way by wondering aimlessly and randomly scavenging for supplies.”

The Princess Arrives, Locked And Loaded

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

The Princess may come from a new community that Eugene has been speaking with outside of the group. The previous issue teased the new group, from Ohio, that Eugene had been connecting with during Alexandria’s destruction.

Not long before, we spent two issues covering Andrea’s death after she saved Eugene from a herd of walkers. Since Eugene was saved again, hopefully, this new group will be working with Rick’s crew, rather than against them.

The Walking Dead will come back to AMC during October where audiences can expect to see more of Negan and Rick’s War.

Who do you think this new character might be working with?

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