A Duck Dynasty family member almost made it into Congress. Imagine how cool that would’ve been…

Zach Dasher, a Duck Dynasty family member, almost got elected to political office … and he may still in the future (photo via www.patheos.com) Zach Dasher a nephew of Phil Robertson, came so close to winning the 5th Congressional District in Monroe, Louisiana. But we haven’t seen the last of him, he says. We could still see a Duck Dynasty-infused Congress.

“I don’t think people have heard the last of me,” said Dasher

The 36-year-old political newbie was able to raise a half-million dollars for his tea party campaign. Even Phil helped get the word out by going on radio and TV, but it wasn’t quite enough to tip the scales.

“I really feel at peace with the results,” Dasher continued. “We left it all on the table and the ability to elevate our argument on a national stage was an incredible opportunity.”

He lost to Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo, a Democrat, but political experts say Dasher would’ve won if the race were just a few days earlier.

Zach Dasher with his family in one of his political ads (photo via Christian Today)

Dasher appealed to the Christian audience, pushing a return to God’s “natural law.”

“Rights come from God, not man,” he repeated throughout his campaign.

Even though a political office is not happening for Dasher at the current time, he said he’ll continue to spread his message through his podcast, saying he’s going to “ramp that up.”

But until his next run for political office, he’s going to take it easy.

“Right now I’m just going to take some time to spend with my family,” he said.

We’ll have to wait and see if we’ll witness a Duck Dynasty family member in government.

Maybe Willie Robertson will decide to run for office? After all, he has been a staunch Trump supporter for a while, even speaking at rallies…

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